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Payroll Training

Payroll Software Training Program with Computer Lab

Payroll software program Topics:

1.Introduction to payroll software 7.Reimbursement like medical, LTA, Food coupon
2.HR Details 8.Gratuity and Full and final settlement
3.Employee management  and  pay structures  &  salaries generation 9.Tax  deducted at source(TDS)   and income Tax(IT) management
4.Attendance Management (Allotment,  Leave Tracking ,Leave Encashment) 10.Statuatory Management
5.Loans and Advance 11.Reports Generation (Pay slips , Salary sheet etc.,)
6.Incentive and Bonus 12.E-Returns ( PF ,ESI , TDS )

 Benefits of payroll software

 An Automated payroll helps HR to comply with the statutory obligations (PF,ESI ,PT .) and ease the process and quickens the time.

  • Helps in managing company details and HR Details.
  • Attendance Management.
  • Helps in calculating different salary and attendance groups for a different set of employees.
  • Helps in estimating TDS, e-Returns.
  • Helps in processing the salary after considering all the standing instructions, deductions, and Arrears, Additional earnings/deductions and incentives etc.
  • Helps to generate various reports and customize them to our requirements.

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