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Soft Skills Training at Hyderabad

Soft Skills Training Outline

Training Topics:

The Art of Effective Communication

  • Verbal Communication
    • Probing Skills
        • Open-ended Questions
        • Close-ended Questions
        • Counter-productive questions
    • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizing
  • Listening
    • Active Listening
    • Reflective Listening
    • Passive Listening
  • Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming:
    • Making a Great First Impression:
        • How to present yourself to people
        • Greetings, Introductions
        • The art of small talk – How to make proper introductions, Paying & Receiving Compliments, Small Talk & Networking
        • Developing Your Professional and Personal Image
        • Personal Hygiene
        • Polish interpersonal skills
    • Etiquette of Dressing:
      • The do’s and don’ts in dressing
      • Understanding various dress codes
      • Clothes and Corporate Culture

Conflict Resolution Process:

  • Getting to the Root Cause
    • Examining Root Cause
    • Identifying the Benefits of Resolution
  • Generating Options & Building a Solution
    • Generate, don’t Evaluate
    • Creating Mutual Gain Options and Multiple Option Solutions
    • Digging Deeper into your Options
    • Creating a Shortlist
    • Choosing a Solution
  • Managing Emotions – Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
    • Keeping your cool
    • Empathy
    • Asking yourself empowering questions
    • Usage of vocabulary and how it affects emotional states
    • Moving from being reactive to being responsive

Interpersonal Communication:

  • To educate participants on tips and strategies those are followed by people with a high-level of interpersonal intelligence, for participants to start using in order to create powerful results in business relationships
    • Starting and sustaining conversations that are engaging
    • Handling conversations with the opposite Gender
    • Acknowledging differences
    • Giving and receiving compliments
    • Coming across as a positive person
    • Avoiding bad conversational habits
  • Communicating Effectively at the Workplace
    • To enable participants to effectively communicate in business situations they encounter on a regular basis
        • Dealing with difficult people
        • Dealing with negativity at the workplace
        • Sharing knowledge at the workplace

Training Hours:

The duration of the training program will be 20 hours per batch.